OFEA is a collaborative architecture collective dedicated to ecology.

With the aim of not only protecting, but also caring for our planet and actively shaping it in a positive way, OFEA initiates ecological projects in cooperation with other actors.

The collective is a structure for ecological architecture and a transition to a post-fossil world made up of offices, studios, freelancers and employees.  


Caroline Axelsen
Jurek Brüggen
Rebecca Buus
Christian Cotting
Noah Curinga
David Gössler Architektur
David Gössler
Patrick Holzer
Aimée Michelfelder
Emily Schlatter
Olivia Sommer
studio opportopia
Jakob Wolters


002 Langstall
006 Taubenschlag
007 Speicher
008 Scheune
009 Komturei Werben
012 Für Werben
027 Verwalterinnenhaus
034 Einfamilienhaus-Haus

team(at)ofea.eu   Gotzkowskystraße 33   10555 Berlin   +49 160 92918236